Terms And Conditions

1. You can register in the company for free.
2. You can activate your account with Rs.2000.
3. Doing KYC is Compulsory. To do KYC, you must have Aadhaar card number, PAN card number and bank details.
4. The company has multiple packages. Which you can buy. Can earn more.
5. The company gives you DIGITAL + FOOD + CLOTHES PRODUCTS on buying each package.
6. You can withdraw only on Sundays. The minimum withdrawal is Rs.500.
7. 5% tds + 5% Admin Charge + 20% Auto repurchase is deducted from each of your withdrawals.
8. The money for auto repurchase is your cut. That money is deposited in your auto repurchase wallet. Due to which your id becomes reactive again and again (only star 1 package). All that income is distributed again and again.
9. The company also gives you FOOD + CLOTHES PRODUCTS. Which you can buy. You can purchase products for a minimum of 1800 rupees.
10. Whatever food products you will purchase from the company. Those products will be sent to your home within 5 to 15 days.
11. You can apply only one id from one mobile number and one email id.
12. You can do same kyc in maximum 3 id.
13. The company gives you the option to buy multiple packages. The company has packages ranging from 2000 to 10000. If you have a package of 2000, then you will get income only from the package of 2000 from downline. If you have a package of 4000, then you will get income from both 2000 and 4000. It means this. If you want to get income of all packages. So you have to buy all the packages.
14. You can transfer funds from one account to another. Minimum fund transfer will be Rs.100.
15. You can take funds from the company to activate or upgrade your account. You can take a fund of 100 rupees from the minimum company.
16. Withdrawal Condition: First Withdrawal Maximum 800 (For 2 Direct Compulsory and Next Withdrawal you have to apply 1 more Direct. After which you can apply Life Time Withdrawal.
17. Autopool + Spillover Withdrawal Conditions: 1 = 3 Directs (STAR 1) || 2 = 3 Directs (STAR 2) || 3 = 3 Directs (STAR 3) || 4 = 3 Directs (STAR 4) || 5 = 3 Directs (STAR 5) || Next Autopool / Spillover Upgrade Compulsory ( All Package ).
18. Active id will not be transferred in the name of any other person.
19. If your withdrawal amount does not show in your bank account. So you can tell the company within the next 7 days of the Withdrawal Date. If you tell after 7 days. So the company will not be able to help you in that.

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